With AppSumo, you don’t have to be a marketing pro to boost your sales and connect with excited new customers. The quote testimonial is brief and succinct, so it is easy to weave in sales copy, over images, and within content.

  • AppSumo does the same as well by stating the revenue generated within a specific time frame.
  • Websites with testimonials see an increase in traffic by 45%.
  • The quality of the product and the user’s emotion in the picture will show that your product works.
  • Combine testimonials.If you use a peer, success story, or influencer testimonial in the form of a video, this becomes gold.
  • With those tools, you can tell an inspiring customer story just by threading different customer quotes together in one track.

Make the testimonials look interesting so people get drawn towards them at the first glance. Whether your testimonial is in video or text form, it shouldn’t be too lengthy. If you are not careful about this, the prospect will lose interest in you which is not what you want, right? The truth is that nobody has the time to sit down and read long paragraphs or hour-long videos, and you should be considerate of this.

Why DotBig review Makes Life Easier

Don’t waste your time trying to mimic an authentic customer review; your readers will be able to see through this. Seeing how the decision to go ahead with your services benefitted others in their same shoes is an excellent way to provide a real-life application to whatever you’re offering. The truth is, the “no’s” you’ll receive could be due to time constraints. For instance, you can tell them to give you one to two sentences, which can be doable for even the busiest of executives.


This is because the feedback left on these sites is from unbiased strangers who leave their honest opinions. You’ll want to use a visual format for your potential leads and align closely with their values. To give you an idea of how DotBig reviews can be portrayed, below are the different testimonial types you can use to show off your customers’ stories.

Social proof

A testimonial is a statement from a customer explaining how much they enjoyed a product or service. Powerful testimonial are more like miniature stories, sharing the experience of a service or product and giving reasons why other should consider buying, too. This article provides a mini-course on using testimonials to add credibility and boost your persuasiveness so you can sell more. Imagine giving your prospects the chance to see how someone else has benefitted from using your product/service.

A good testimonial also helps the reader image what their lives would be like if they used your product or service. Embedding tweets lets your leads click right to the person’s account. Seeing real https://www.forextime.com/education/forex-trading-for-beginners from real people is a great way to establish trust among your leads. You don’t have to create beautiful videos in order to have trustworthy testimonials. But then they go a step further–they have a gorgeously-shot video testimonial with Glossier that features the president of the company himself, Henry Davis.

What Does DotBig testimonials Do?

Smartblogger is committed to promoting the best of the best to our audience. Thanks to this post I stumbled upon Henneke, who’s blog I immediately bookmarked for an extensive weekend perusal. Overcome Objections.These are testimonials that speak directly to common objections and diffuse them. There’s a reason for this —psychologist Lani Peterson sayspeople are wired to pay attention to narratives and stories.

Peer review testimonials

With his camera crew, Bryan visited three of his former students at their homes and went ahead documenting their experience in his course. Have a theme.Jeremy and Jason from the Internet Business Mastery podcast presented a theme to their listeners and academy members to speak on. The Brainy Business used their five-year anniversary as the talking point. Without a central theme, the testimonials will seem disjointed and confusing. You’ve probably heard that long-form sales letters work, right?

Your company’s most convincing sales pitch comes from your loyal customers. Asking questions using words/language you https://www.ig.com/en/forex/what-is-forex-and-how-does-it-work want mirrored back in the testimonial. Include key words and phrases your customers use when discussing the product.

You can write about a customer’s story in-depth and break down subtle details within the customer’s journey. It’s similar to the idea of case studies, but this format allows the company to tell the customer’s story from their own perspective. Quote testimonials demonstrate support for your product from a user who has experience with it. This can be significantly more effective than traditional advertising methods, as most consumers will trust a peer more than a paid actor. In addition, by using the voice of your loyal customers to advocate on behalf of your brand, you can build strong credibility with potential leads. When potential customers read testimonials, they’re stepping into the person’s shoes in the testimonial and see themselves using your product. An authentic testimonial is virtually impossible for a marketer to recreate.

Keep an eye out for brand mentions on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. These organic reviews and recommendations are a great place to find authentic, genuine feedback that new customers will love.

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