The third and final post will contain some useful code example for those of you looking to build your own automated API testing framework. If you haven’t tested your API or if you have no documentation, then you may have issues that could cause real-world problems. At the very least, you can learn from your failures and identify issues early. Make sure that all your tests pass before you release your API. Otherwise, you may have a user registration program or login feature that works perfectly on your development server but fails when your end-users try to use it. Some frameworks have good documentation, and it’s easy to find documentation and examples for your platform.

api testing best practices

The framework offers both Session-Based Exploratory Testing and manual testing features. In addition, postman enables Boolean test writing and allows extraction of web API data. Since these units are based on the same test script, you can reuse them as per need, improving API test automation’s flexibility. Library Architecture Framework- It is a framework that allows breaking test cases into smaller units and creates groups of modules with the same tasks.


Not only is API adoption growing by an order of magnitude, but so is the variety of API technologies used. The same survey found that while REST continues to lead the pack, there was strong interest in emerging technologies like serverless, FaaS, WebSockets, and gRPC. Broadly speaking, 58% of executives say they’re prioritizing API initiatives in 2021. But even that number jumps in complex, highly regulated industries like financial services (62%) and telecommunications (75%). Nearly two-thirds (61%) of developers say they relied on APIs more in 2020 than in 2019; almost three-quarters (71%) say they’ll use even more APIs in 2021.

api testing best practices

If your API is producing data, your test should output that data to a text file. If your tests are failing because your data is not being produced as expected, then you may need to make changes in your API or contact your users and resolve the issue. This will allow you to run code as if it’s actually working and can demonstrate to your end-user that the API is working as expected. You can use your own users to test your API or you can use external tools. Move your existing code and test cases over to the new project.

One piece of code is tested at a time, and naming rules should be clear to make the process much more transparent and manageable. Before moving on to the next phase, any bugs that have been found should be fixed. Unit testing can be simple or complicated, depending on the application, developer, or independent testers’ testing strategies. It is one of rest api best practices to use current security frameworks such TLS or SSL when creating rest API with java . SSL certificates are able to establish a secure connection by providing a private as well as public key.

Create a Mock Server

You need enhanced features of Adabas and the IBM Z® platform to protect your sensitive data wherever it is and however it is used. Learn how to ready your mainframe for a new age of cybersecurity. Transitioning to become a truly digital business requires consolidation of fragmented ecosystems to manage enterprise portfolios.

  • It would then check the reaction of the API for multiple yet regular volumes of test data and evaluate interaction behavior with other APIs and services.
  • The HTTP request methods you need to use are important.The most frequently-used HTTP verbs or methods are DELETE, GET, GET, PUT and PATCH.
  • Learn how to ready your mainframe for a new age of cybersecurity.
  • The data formatting schema specifies how REST APIs handle responses and requests.
  • Hence, quality assurance testers can use any primary language by sharing data over JSON or XML when testing APIs.

Security misconfiguration is probably one of the most common issues leading to security exploits. An API will often publish more data than is displayed through the UI client. It is important to sanitize and filter the data that is exposed through the API as this can be viewed using other methods. An API gateway can apply data transformation and data masking features to your APIs. OWASP, the Open Web Application Security Project, is an international non-profit organization dedicated to web application security. They are probably most well-known for their reoccurring top 10 list of web vulnerabilities.

The Challenges of REST API Testing

They usually focus on certain aspects of your API and make sure that those areas are working properly. They help you determine if your API has the right functionality and if it’s performing as expected. They should also make sure that the functions in your API are returning the expected results. Due to the possibility of problems in the modules during integration testing, unit testing will not catch all of the issues in the module. Using a build script to automate your unit tests is a great idea, but you should make sure that the test code is not released with the main program. Before going on to the more difficult integration testing phase, it is necessary first to master the more basic unit testing.

However, these tools may not detect serious or unforeseen security vulnerabilities that could ultimately lead to a data breach, such as zero-day exploits. When it comes to testing APIs, using a comprehensive API testing tool is essential. API testing tools allow for hassle-free testing, measurement, and tracking of API performance and functionality. Many of these tools are available for download completely free of charge, while others require a purchase. The supervising and strategic teams should specify the conducting tests. They should ensure that the staff has access control to run them and is aware of both direct and application-based API access.

First, it can help ensure that all aspects of the API are working as expected. Additionally, it can help to improve the overall quality of the API. For example, if your API expects a number as input but someone sends a string instead, the API might fail.

To implement a proper API security solution, it is important to fully understand your APIs, the third-party APIs you use and the functionality and value that your APIs add to your organization. API security will require time and resources to ensure that it is implemented and continues to be implemented correctly. It doesn’t matter if your API is public facing, only shared with partners or internal. All APIs need to be securely managed in order to shield your data and other resources from attack. Everyone inside an organization—from the developer to the CEO—needs to be aware of their role in securing APIs to ensure that your API security strategy can be implemented successfully. In many cases, it is easier for an API tester to write a script that automates tests than it would be to write them manually.

Testing for this type of scenario and tracking the API’s response can ensure that the API will handle unexpected inputs gracefully. It is important to test positive and negative scenarios to ensure the API can handle them gracefully. That involves creating fake input data and deliberately attempting to break the API. Tracking the API’s response in each case will help you identify and fix any potential problems. The tools help improve the quality of APIs by identifying bugs before they go live.

Issues Which Tester Faces While Automating APIs:

These external dependencies should also be done away with for a faster and more efficient testing procedure. By going with a smoke test first rather than starting with a full test, major errors and flaws can quickly be spotted and identified for immediate resolution. This can help decrease overall testing time, especially in between builds where testers and users are often impatient. Thanks to Patrick Poulin, CEO of API Fortress, for the smoke test example. Adhithi is having 9+ years of experience in automation testing as well as manual testing. She loves exploring new tools and technologies, and gadgets and sharing her experience by writing blogs and making vlogs.

API Security Primer and Best Practices for 2023 – Security Boulevard

API Security Primer and Best Practices for 2023.

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WAFs can offer additional protections against things like bots by providing malicious bot detection, the ability to identify attack signatures and additional IP intelligence. A WAF is useful because it can block bad traffic before it even reaches your gateway. Together, we have the skills and software to help your customers be wildly successful. We are here to help you better understand and solve the issues you face every day.

Requirements for doing API testing

Test all of the application API dependencies to make sure performance is not degraded. When tests are running successfully, they hardly require any attention or time. When the same tests start failing, resources need to be allocated to find the cause of failure. This process is time-consuming during product development and can go as far as pushing deadlines or cutting new features from your product in place. REST APIs generally underlie highly standardized protocols that mainly process HTTP, JSON, and XML files. Therefore, they provide a fairly stable and uniform interface to the tested program.

api testing best practices

Using AI engines, you can inventory both existing and new API security levels that security professionals may have missed. Additionally, resolutions can easily be transmitted to new and existing APIs when new threats are detected. Tokens — This approach to API security api testing best practices employs tokens to establish trusted identities which then use those tokens to control access to resources. Read how Software AG provides an API security solution that integrates with other API security products to align with your cybersecurity strategy.

What is API Security?

Additionally, it includes engaging tutorials, guides, as well easy-to follow resources. Users will find it much easier to use your API when there is extensive documentation. Friend of mabl NCR faced this very same challenge with their API tests. Though their team recognized the value of API tests, the process was too complex and code-heavy to accomplish on a regular basis. Having API testing reside in the same mabl platform as their standard UI tests helped their team cross-check API test coverage against browser testing. To ensure maximum efficiency and impact, quality engineering managers need mechanisms to monitor and evaluate test coverage across all test types.

When individual methods and operations have been tested successfully, method calls can be bound together to emulate business processes. An API consists of several methods and operations which can be tested individually as well as through a setup of test scenarios. These test scenarios are usually constructed by combining multiple API calls.

Once you have tested the API in a simulated production environment, you can release it to the live production environment. If you find any issues in the test environment, they can be quickly addressed and fixed. This helps ensure that the API is functioning properly and meeting the needs of the end-users. You can create a simulated production environment using various methods, such as a testing server or setting up a test environment cloned from the production environment.

Error Reporting for REST APIs

Developers use unit testing to ensure their code is performing as expected while it is still being developed. Mabl is the leading intelligent, low-code test automation solution that enables high-velocity software teams to tightly integrate automated end-to-end tests into the entire development lifecycle. Mabl’s unified platform makes creating, executing, and maintaining reliable browser, API, and mobile web tests easier, accelerating the delivery of high-quality, business critical applications.

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