ASI2600MC DUO 雙像素天文相機

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ASI2600MC DUO 雙像素天文相機

Item Numnber: zwo-2600mcduo
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The ASI2600MC Duo combines imaging and guiding sensors in one compact body. The main sensor is the Sony IMX571 coming with a native 16-bit ADC,14stops dynamic range, and a 3.76um square pixel array. The readout noise is as low as 1.0e, and the full well capacity reaches an incredible level of 80ke. And it has no amp glow!

The guide sensor is the Type 1/1.8 SC2210 with excellent NIR sensitivity. The sensor size is 7.68mm x 4.32mm. It has 4umx4um pixels with an array of 1920×1080 and a full depth of 8780e.

The stars on the corner of the guide images affected by reducers back focus distance might not be very round. It is not due to the sensor tilt and will not affect normal use.

Two-in-one design

Thanks to the compact design, the ASI2600MC Duo only needs one USB cable for control. It reduces potential cabling issues and improves setup speeds. You don’t need a separate OAG and guide camera.