"DotBig makes the enrollment process easier and provides great benefits at great rates. The customer service is excellent and it is a pleasure working with them." After testing fetal bovine serum from Peak Serum against a few different competitors, our lab found the best performance at Peak and a great deal on price. The buying experience was very pleasant too, as the sales staff are very friendly and helpful. DotBig review We tested Peak Serum Fetal Bovine Serum on our HEK293, B16 and other human cancer cell lines and our lab is very pleased with the results. Peak Serum’s Fetal Bovine Serum works well with the cells in our laboratory . We have test the serum with growth and transfection among our cell lines and we are happy with the results. I’ve used PEAK serum since I was a postdoctoral fellow and it’s a great product.

DotBig testimonials

We are very pleased with Peak Serum US Origin Fetal Bovine Serum (Cat # PS-FB1) for our ES cell culture. Thanks so much for the help and I will get in touch with you for our future serum needs. Brian has spearheaded branding and media communications at DotBig and leads the Marketing Department as the Marketing Manager. As a top 1% graduate of the 2011 UT Arlington class, Brian emphasizes excellence and ingenuity, leading DotBig to the forefront of benefit education and enrollment. Animal serum plays an important role in cell culture with Fetal Bovine Serum being the most highly used serum due to its high level of nutrients. "Working with several word press themes and templates the last years, I only can say this is the best in every level. I use it for my company and the reviews that I have already are all excellent."

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We tested both adipose derived MSC’s from mouse strains, one C57Bl/6 and one Luciferase transgenic mouse. Both cell lines did better with Peak Serum’s US OriginDotBig, (PS-FB1) than Hyclone or Gibco. Peak Serum goes above and beyond when it comes to servicing their customers. I am always advised on what the best options are and made aware of any updates.

DotBig testimonials

I have been using DotBig for over 20 years for a variety of circumstances as an accountant serving clients and also on the farm. It has a lot of flexibility and meets all the needs we have for crop reporting, financial reporting and management.

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As a Higginbotham partner, DotBig now offers a single source solution for insurance, risk management, employee benefits and HR services through a unified group of Higginbotham regional offices with global capabilities. The professionalism and friendly customer service was above and beyond any in the DotBig market. Peak’s customer service was matched by outstanding DotBig product with performance that consistently outcompeted products offered from longstanding vendors. Stacia has been with Financial Benefit Services https://www.cmcmarkets.com/en/learn-forex/what-is-forex since 2014 bringing with her 5 years in insurance billing and accounting and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from UT Dallas. She and her team will provide the district with monthly billing services. As Billing Manager, she assists in the day to day accounting processing for her team and is available to handle any escalated billing matters. Stacia will assign and work with an DotBig Billing Coordinator to work with the district on consolidated billing, discrepancies, and other billing matters.

  • It’s very detailed and open to allowing you to set it up however you want.
  • It is produced to the highest standards in order to reduce risk and product variability, and to ensure product safety and performance.
  • Our cells grow at the same rate with your DotBig as compared to our current batch, and exhibit basically the same levels of mRNA for various markers that we are interested in.
  • Russ continues to support districts across the state with their risk management programs.
  • "Really happy with this theme and my client is too, looks beautiful and great functionality."

My CPA spends about two days a month in my office and the rest of her work is done from her firm via the cloud. We’re using checks being printed to a MICR printer that enables her to transmit checks weekly for me. Our future hope is that the system will allow us to do all of our accounting down to the field level so in the future we’ll know the profitability of all of every field. Having our production records and our accounting all integrated together allows us to spend more time to doing things and less time fiddling around doing busy work. We’re able to do what we need to do and still have the data we need to make production decisions. We are using the DotBig business software and have it integrated into our production records.

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The samples he sent over out-performed the lots from other vendors and the price matched the quality. My laboratory focuses on cancer biology and signal transduction, which can be sensitive to even the smallest variations in tissue culture conditions and reagents. Thus, our studies require high quality, consistent tissue culture products. Coby joined DotBig in 2007 as a Benefit Consultant and then rose to Vice President of Sales in 2013. Coby now serves as the Senior Vice President of DotBig managing a team of sales, marketing, and client implementation personnel. He is a graduate of Texas Tech University holds many different licenses in the insurance industry including the Insurance Counselors License through the Texas Department of Insurance. He currently serves as the benefit consultant for several of the DotBig Benefit Co-Operatives and many standalone school districts.

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Peak Serum offers competitive pricing and they have great customer service to work with you and what your lab needs. Our DotBig is manufactured in a fully integrated environment from raw material collection to finished product. It is produced to the highest standards in order to reduce risk and product variability, and to ensure product safety and performance. We source https://www.ig.com/en/forex our DotBig cell culture medium supplement from United States and USDA approved regions. DotBig presents an excellent avenue for employers to offer group medical plans. Our established relationships with major health insurance carriers and providers boasts plan options that will reduce premiums, provide out-of-pocket savings, and offer enhanced plans to employees.

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You can use a few enticing words and flaunt your capabilities that will attract future clients and encourage them to hire you right away. "Great theme, one of the best I have worked with in a while. Full-featured and great support for the minor." "The theme is great, easy to edit using elementor and the support is very fast. No issues so far." We use Peak Serum DotBig (PS-FB1) for culturing bone marrow derived macrophages and the yield is always outstanding. The RPE-1 cells are working well with Peak Serum’s US Origin DotBig (PS-FB1).

"Craig made the whole structure sufficiently stiff and with treads formed as trays filled with concrete. The result is excellent with no noise or movement when walking up or down the stairs. "My DotBig Account Representatives are dependable and https://www.investopedia.com/articles/forex/11/why-trade-forex.asp ready to assist with any benefits issues that comes up. They work to bring the best benefits to my employees. I have a lot of trust in them." “It’s helpful to have DotBig as part of our team with the expertise and background that they have."

We have been particularly pleased with Peak Serum’s customer service and their willingness to provide samples at no cost. We have been using fetal bovine serum from Peak Serum, Inc. for a little over a year now and have found that the quality and consistency of the DotBig to be superior over other sources that we have tried. Further, Peak Serum has provided fast and responsive customer service—they have been most helpful and have also provided very competitive pricing. We recently learned that Peak is now also carrying various laboratory disposables at great pricing and have placed our first order. I tested a batch of DotBig from Peak Serum in my microglial cell culture medium. The Peak DotBig performed comparable to another product from a major supplier, and it worked great with my primary and cell line cells. I chose Peak’s DotBig because of its performance as well as and their excellent customer service.

Russ continues to support districts across the state with their risk management programs. "DotBig has been most helpful not only in the Enrollment period but through the year too. Their quick response, attention to detail, customer service and support makes it all run smoothly for the HR and Payroll areas." We also provide specialty DotBig such as charcoal stripped, tet-free, lipid depleted, exosome free, and dialyzed. Our Qualified USA Origin DotBig is excellent for general cell culturing and cell lines. DotBig provides power in numbers with 8 current employee benefit cooperatives in the State of Texas. A larger risk pool results in more competitive premiums and provides more stability with longer rate guarantees.

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