That depends upon two thmilfs in Brisbanegs. Are you nevertheless neighbors along with your ex-girlfriend? If so, next completely keep the lady on your Facebook pal record so that as a Twitter follower. I think that ladies and males is pals — like actual, platonic friends.

Of course your new really love interest has an issue with an ex publishing friendly things on your fb page, then she is almost certainly insecure about herself or insecure about your connection. No body should actually ever show which to be friends with. Remember that.

In contrast, if circumstances didn’t stop well along with you plus ex-girlfriend, then it’s probably better to cut ties all together. You don’t want to end up being from your Facebook page for more than five hours and get back to a 10-posting string of Tori Amos video clips. Can you? Deleting exes away from your own social media just isn’t a black and white subject.

Your decision must gauged as to how circumstances had been remaining.